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Let’s get going

We have a new website, a growing team, and endless enthusiasm for helping people to learn.

I’ve taught music theory for years. I love the subject. It helps me understand music, and music helps me understand the world. By teaching theory, I share that passion with others.

Any teacher will tell you that the great joy if teaching is the students, and I couldn’t agree more. But I’ve also been privileged enough to work with countless devoted, talented teachers who have been generous enough to share with me their ideas, their resources, their experience. Working alongside them is what has inspired me to found the music theory group – a place where people come together to teach and to learn, a place where music theory is accessible for everybody.

So come – be a part of our conversation. Get in touch with us and have a session, or join our growing team of passionate teachers. Our mission is to share the joy and understanding of music theory. Come join in.

Peter Wagstaff, November 2020