Peter Wagstaff
Managing Director of the music theory group

We are the music theory group

and music theory is what we do. We think theory is important. It informs our music-making. It expands and enriches our musical experience. Like the arts of grammar and maths, it helps us see the world differently. You may be here because you’re curious; you may be here because you need that all-important Grade 5 certificate. But whatever brought you here, we hope that by the end of your time with us, you’ll share our love of music theory.

At all times, and in all places

The world is changing around us at breakneck speed, and while the substance of what we learn may not change that fast, how we learn must keep up. We have never had more resources and opportunities to learn and teach music theory than we have right now. At the music theory group we are grasping those opportunities with both hands, and exploring new ways to make learning a possibility for everybody. Whether you’re looking for online tuition using the newest technology, or whether you want to do it the old-fashioned way, with a pencil and some manuscript paper, we’re here to help.

Our ethos

For us, the exam is not the most important thing. Instead, we believe in learning for the love of knowledge. Sure we can get you that certificate, sure we can help you through that A-level or degree, but if you leave us with a greater love and appreciation for music than you had when you started, only then have we done our job. To find out more, visit our learn page.